Car Ignition Switch Barrel Repairs and Replacements in Perth

Silverfern Locksmiths specialize in repairing and/or replacing car automotive ignitions and switches, for all types of vehicles in Perth and the surrounding areas. 

There is nothing more frustrating than your car ignition going faulty.  Whether it is a mechanical fault with the barrel, the key, or the switch, you are stranded, unsure of what to do next.  It will always be at an inconvenient time because you are going to your car in order to go somewhere.

Some makes of vehicles are more prone than others to break down, but rest assured we can solve your problem at the roadside or your home and have you on your way.  No need to tow the vehicle, and no lengthy wait at the dealers or mechanics.  All our work has a 100% service guarantee and all parts come with 12 months warranty. We are licenced by the WA Police and have been working in the locksmithing industry for over 25 years now in New Zealand, the UK and Western Australia.

Car ignitions can go faulty for a number of reasons.  It may even be as simple as a worn key and some vehicles are definitely more prone to this easily fixed problem than others.  

With some makes of car like the Holden Commodore, Astra and Vectra general wear and tear can cause the ignition to not turn at all, or the key will turn but nothing happens.  

Ford Falcons and Territory’s have a very specific  problem with the ignition switch which busts out of the rear also causing it to do nothing when the key is turned or the dash lights to stay on when the key is turned off.  We can replace the housing on site within and hour to have you on your way promptly.

Why do these problems arise?  In some cases it’s general wear and tear and other times it may be a manufacturing oversight.  It literally be having a key ring that is too heavy with too many keys and metal key tags causing the keyway to become worn which may even cause the key to snap off in the ignition.  We can remove the broken key and cut and program a new transponder key for you on site.  Whatever it is we can solve your problem.  Here are the most common ignition problems encountered in Perth and Australia.


Holden Commodore VN-VZ 1988-2007

This is by far the most common ignition problem in Australia.  There are two main problems encountered with the Commodore ignition, the main fault being that the key just will not turn in the ignition.  This is a very straight forward fix by replacing the barrel itself.  We only use genuine Holden OEM parts for this job as the aftermarket parts aren’t very reliable and also the genuine parts are not too expensive.  Call us as soon as the ignition key starts playing up, so that you aren’t stranded on the side of the road on a public holiday, which makes everything more expensive.

The other problem that commonly arises with these models is the rear tailpiece of the ignition snaps causing one of two problems.  The ignition will either be stuck in the on position, with all the dash lights on, or your key is turning but nothing is happening.  This is essentially the same job as the ignition needs to be replaced.  When replacing your ignition we also rekey the new barrel to suit your original key saving you from having to use one key for the door and one for the ignition.  This is very important in the event that the ignition key is lost in the future as there will be no record of the new ignition key supplied, unless you write it in the service book yourself.  Do not let a mechanic change the barrel without rekeying back to your original key.

Holden Astra TS 1998-2004 & Holden Vectra 1995-2004

Although the keyways on these vehicles vary they too suffer the same problems as the Commodore and solved in exactly the same way, by replacing the barrel alone.

Holden Rodeo RA

Different cars, same initial problem in that the key won’t turn, but a different solution. This problem is repaired by cutting a new key to code, which means the key is cut on a computerised machine to factory specifications.  We then use this key to remove and service the barrel and  replace the internal brass wafers inside the barrel and also clean and re-grease the moving parts.  All worn parts are replaced which saves on purchasing a whole new ignition as they are quite expensive.  


Falcon BA-BF 2002-2008
Territory SX-SY 

This is another commonly occurring problem probably because of the sheer number of BA-BF Falcons out on the road.  You’ll know when you have this situation as your key will turn, but nothing happens.  The electrical  switch on the rear of the ignition busts out of the housing that it is contained in, and can’t be re-inserted.  Up until a few years ago, the only fix was to replace the whole steering column as the housing is part of the column.  This was a very costly and time consuming fix as a new column from the dealer is over $1500.  Now, we can save you time, money and stress by replacing the switch housing on-site in under an hour.  Australia’s largest locksmith supplier LSC (or Locksmith Supply Company) who supply the locksmiths, invested a lot of time and money in inventing a tool and machining a new switch housing to be installed without removing the column.  This is a game changer and has helped a lot of people out of a very bad situation.  We keep up the 10 of these kits in our van at any time so are always stocked up for your convenience.

Ford Escape 2001-2007

The Ford Escape is not as common but the problem is.  Plain and simple, the key just will not turn.  We replace with a new ignition and stock these parts on board from the USA as dealer prices in Perth are extortionate.  The replacement ignition is also designed differently so that the same problem doesn’t reoccur giving you piece of mind.  This problem is also endemic with Mazda Tributes of the same years as they use the same ignition.


Camry 1994-2002 & Corolla 1992-2002

Around this time Toyota thought it would be a great idea to heighten the security of their locks by changing 2 sets of wafers in the barrels.  There are 8 sets in total, but 2 sets have been split down the middle thereby making them more secure from “picking”   but also more complicated and prone to jamming.  The standard problem is that the key will turn to release the steering wheel and that is it.  The hard part of this job is getting the barrel out.  Once that’s done it’s a straight forward job.  We also cut a new key with this repair, as most keys are usually quite worn and cutting a new key for you, lets us guarantee the work and give us and yourself peace of mind that you won’t be stranded again.

Landcruiser 100 & 200 Series

Much similar problem to earlier Camry’s although using a totally different style of key.  The usual problem arises of the key not turning or only partially.  The keyway used is very complicated and works on 4 axis.  With this issue we again cut a new key to code and then replace all the wafers inside the ignition to solve the problem.  New wafers should always be used in this situation.  If not then wafers are probably being removed to allow the key to work which can be dangerous, as it’s comprimising security and the key may come out whilst in the turned and running position whilst driving.


Golf, Jetta, Tiguan, Polo, A4, Octavia.

These cars are all part of the VAG Group or Volkswagen Audi Group.  Here it is a unique problem originating inside the ignition housing itself, where a spring loaded pin snaps and lodges itself  within, jamming the ignition up.  This typically means you can only turn the ignition a fraction, where it will only just release the steering lock but won’t turn any further.  This is a difficult job which requires removing the ignition housing from the steering column and all the associated electrical components.  Once removed the ignition barrel is removed from the old housing and inserted into a new housing and re-installed.  Again, we complete this work on site within 2 hours.  There is no need to tow your car to the dealer.  Call us, we’ll come to you and have you on your way.


Accord, Civic, Jazz, Odyssey, CRV

Most Honda’s from the mid 2000’s use a high security 4 track key which when new works perfectly.  The problem is it’s just too complicated and is easily prone to wear and tear.  Typical symptoms are, your key will not even go into the ignition, or again will not turn.  And please, do not put graphite in to your ignition in this situation, it will not help.  Once again we will cut you a new key to code and remove the ignition barrel itself and replace the wafers inside and clean and lubricate all moving parts.  


Patrol & Navara 2004

Usual suspects, key not turning and the usual solution.  Depending on the model and year the ignition or the whole housing gets removed and serviced and wafers replaced.  We also cut a new blade for the key.  


A lot of the Hyundai and Kia ignition parts are from the same factories.  Normally, as usual,  there is wear and tear on the key but also there is a plastic plunger that gets totally destroyed by the key going in and out all the time.  This again can be fixed on site without having fork out $$$$ to tow the car to the dealer or mechanics and leave it with them for 2-3 days while you now go and spend more money hiring a car.  


All of our work is guaranteed and has a minimum 12 month warranty on parts and labour.  The above work has a fixed price, giving you peace of mind by saving you money and our mobile locksmith service, the convenience that the dealership can not provide, saving you time stranded either at home or on the roadside.  Call us now, and get yourself moving again.